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Back in Anacortes

Couldn’t blog the last couple of days – we were at Rosario Resort on Orcas Island, where it was actually remote enough that we got no signal on our cell phones. We stayed there two nights. I got some great pics that I’ll share when we get home. Now we’re back at Skyline Marina on Fidalgo Island where we started a week ago. The boat is mostly “tore down”, with just a bit more to do in the morning before Southern Star is hoisted back onto her trailer for the drive home. We’ll be cooking some hotdogs on the grill tonight before settling in to read and watching the sunset..
Like I said, more pics coming!!

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In the water in Anacortes

Well, we made the two hour drive to Anacortes, and arrived at the Skyline Marina on Fidalgo Island.  They were pretty busy, but they still got to Southern Star fairly quickly. They loaded her up on their “Monorail” sling crane and lowered her into the water.  I’m not sure, but she looked a little scared hanging 20′ up in the air.  Or maybe that was Stella looking scared.

Once she was in the water, we motored her over to the slip in which we’ll spend the night. We stepped the mast and got all her rigging all set up.

Then it was supper time.  We drove into town and had some truly excellent pizza at the Pizza Factory that our friends Mark and Dorothy would have appreciated.

We also took a scenic drive on the loop drive through Washington Park.  What gorgeous scenery.  Here are a few pictures of the incredible view from there.

Dave at the water’s edge on Burrows Bay.

Stella enjoying the late afternoon sun over the bay

And Southern Star at sunset waiting for us to come back to spend the night on her.

Oh, and for you geeks out there, this was written on a Windows 8 tablet tethered to my Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone.

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