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A Quiet Day in Bremerton

Last night sure ended in an unexpected way! We took a late evening stroll to watch the sunset, and when we got back we saw aWP_20130601_003 shadowy shape moving around the cockpit. Sure enough, one of the local raccoons chose to grace Southern Star with a visit. We chased him off and thought no more about it that evening.
This morning though, the early sun showed that Southern Star was covered in furry little footprints! What an annoying little pest.
WP_20130601_005After washing the boat down, we took one more hike in the woods and then visited the Tillicum Lodge Gift Shop, where we bought (ironically enough) a bag of “Raccoon Droppings” (a.k.a. chocolate covered pralines) for Katie.
We were just getting ready to leave when a large boat dropped off a mass of Jr. High kids for a campout. When we heard the captain say that he was going back for more, we hightailed it out of there!
Heading through Rich Passage, we made our way south to Bremerton. Very nice marina, but surprisingly empty.
The big highlight of the day was a tour of the USS Turner Joy, a 1960s era Navy Destroyer. Fascinating history and massive guns. Very cool.  We had a fine dinner at Anthony’s, where we were seriously under-dressed, as it turned out that dozens of high school kids on their way to Prom were having dinner there this evening. We watched the ferries come and go a bit, and then came back to Southern Star for a quiet evening of reading and a good nights sleep.WP_20130601_006

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