A Beautiful Saturday at Alderbrook

WP_20130720_001We started late this morning after sleeping in a lot longer than we expected. After a quick breakfast, we hit the water again. Only there wasn’t a lot of water to hit. The entrance to Pleasant Harbor is not particularly deep, and we were leaving at low tide. It was VERY low. At one point we only had about a foot of clearance beneath our keel. We made it out without grounding though, and started our trip further south in Hood Canal. Just a bit later, we found ourselves in another minefield of crab trap buoys, and I heard Stella say something very unexpected in the Pacific Northwest: “Flamingo at 11 o’clock”. Sure enough, one clever crab trapper had a unique way to distinguish and find his traps from all the others. I’m sure he has no problem finding his own!

WP_20130720_002It was a couple hour trip to Alderbrook, and even though we were in a canal with no turnings that takes us straight south to the resort, Stella was dutifully checking the charts. With her navigating so faithfully, of course we found it with no problems.

When we arrived, we discovered that the reputation of the Alderbrook resort is deserved. It is a tremendous place.  Gorgeous view of the Olympic mountains to the west, forest all around, and a wonderfully built-to-complement-nature lodge building and cabins.  They have a very ingenious system for keeping the young ones from running wild, as you can see in the next picture.WP_20130720_007

There were five different weddings going on all over the resort property, so you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a bride or a groom.  We enjoyed several great meals.  Dave had an excellent massage while Stella walked around the property and after getting back together we enjoyed the pool and hot tub for a while.WP_20130720_009 Tomorrow we’ll head out of Hood Canal and head towards Kingston. No, not Jamaica, we only have one more night, so the one a short ways south of the entrance to the canal will have to do. That will ensure that we only have a few hours remaining on Monday for the last leg of this trip back to our home port.

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2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Saturday at Alderbrook

  1. Brad

    Love it! Next time I come to Seattle, I expect to get a ride!

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