Through the Locks and on to Pleasant Harbor

After finishing the installation of the TV mount and all the equipment for our on-board home theater, we pulled out of Newport Yacht Basin this morning and headed through the locks. WP_20130719_001We were in the small lock today, but they packed it full! Everyone got in and out intact despite being packed like a can of sardines. Being right up front gave quite an interesting view of the intimidating doors as they opened up.WP_20130719_005 We headed north and after a couple of hours, we entered Hood Canal and turned back south. We passed by the Naval Submarine facility on the way south, but steered wide, since the gunboats patrolling the restricted area have the authority to (literally) blow you out of the water!
A little further south we made the turn to the entrance to Pleasant Harbor, and BOY is it well named! Beautiful place, with a nice new pool and hot tub. Very refreshing at the end of a long hot afternoon. The restaurant had a fine pizza and salad. idyllically quiet waters. Smooth as glass. It will be a fine evening. After the sun sets we’ll head back and watch a movie. Probably finish up the Hobbit that we started last evening.WIN_20130719_184725

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