Heading off to Hood Canal for a long weekend

HoodCanal MapThis weekend, Stella and I are off again on another trip to a part of the Salish Sea that we have not yet visited.  This time around, it’s Hood Canal.  After spending the night in either our own marina or at Shilshole, we’ll be head up north towards Port Ludlow, but this time we’ll be turning south into Hood Canal.  We plan on spending Friday night in Pleasant Harbor, about 1/2 way down the canal.  Saturday, we’ll head the rest of the way south, to spend the night at the marina at Alderbrook.  It’s supposed to be gorgeous at both places, and we’re really looking forward to the trip.  Depending on what we find, we’ll decide where to spend Sunday night. As soon as I get off work today, we’re off!  I have some installation work to do on the boat before we leave.  I’m mounting our TV, our streaming media player and USB drive in the berth area so we have movies to watch before we go to bed.  The upgrades never end!

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2 thoughts on “Heading off to Hood Canal for a long weekend

  1. Fabio

    Tx. I am really interested to see how well that autopilot works. Let me know if it can keep a course for hours on end or if it needs to be reset every few minutes. I have a much older model Raytheon sports pilot and sadly that is the case with it. Thanks so much for sharing your mods.

    • I sure will. We didn’t get a chance to out this first weekend – too busy just setting up, but when we get back in a couple of weeks we’ll hopefully be able to put it through some paces. 🙂

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