Final day for this trip is in Poulsbo

WP_20130602_003Well, we come to the last day of this extended weekend.  We left Bremerton and motored on over to the quaint little town of Poulsbo.  What a striking town – founded by a Norwegian immigrant, and clearly fiercely proud of its Scandinavian heritage. We ate an absolutely delicious lunch at JJ’s Fish House which backs right up to the marina. I don’t I’ve ever had a better fish and chips. We wandered around the many shops for most of the afternoon, and enjoyed some baked goods from one of the bakeries there.  Stella is still talking about the cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing.  I suspect we’ll have to make another trip here sometime in the near future just to get another one of those for her.

We came back to the boat to rest up before dinner, and instead found ourselves facing the biggest adventure of the day, indeed the entire trip.  We were sitting in the cockpit reading, when I noticed a large sailboat backing into a slip at a rather odd angle, and definitely coming back too fast. It hit the dock with such a thump that I knew something was seriously wrong.  Sitting up and looking more closely I saw a head bobbing in the water – someone had fallen off the boat and was in danger of being crushed between the boat and the dock.  Stella and I ran down there and arrived about the same time as several others from surrounding boats.  It was an elderly couple, and the lady was stepping down from the boat to the dock as her husband backed the boat in when she slipped on the step fender and fell in, dislocating her hip in the process.  She couldn’t get out of the water on her own.  So several of us held her up while one lady called 911 and another gentleman ran back to his boat and brought back a triangular tarp.  We managed to slip under her, then grabbed the edges of it and hauled her out.  The paramedics arrived shortly afterwards and took her and her husband off to the hospital.  Another gentleman and myself ensured that the boat was tied up securely and hooked to shore power.  I turned everything off except for the refrigerator and the master light switch so that they could turn on the lights easily enough if they came back aboard after dark.

WP_20130603_001Later that afternoon, our excellent friends Mark and Dorothy came over via the Ferry to visit with us and have dinner.  We ate at the Loft, also right near the marina, and in fact on a 2nd level patio overlooking it. What a find way to end a trip – with fine conversation and an excellent meal with great friends.

The next morning we had a good breakfast and, as Stella would say, we “tootled on home”.  Time to look forward to the next trip!WP_20130602_004

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