Finally moved on … to Friday Harbor

I know we didn’t blog anything yesterday.  Sorry about that, but we were tied up with a bunch of new friends.  We ran into another MacGregor owning couple (from Canada, eh?) whom we met at Port Orchard at the Blue Water Yachts Rendezvous.  Talk about a small world.

Grace and Peter pulled into the slip directly across from us.  Grace had given Stella a lot of great ideas on how to outfit the cabin of the boat, so Stella was thrilled to show her how she had used all those ideas.  Grace had a few new things to show Stella as well.  A good time catching up.  The picture at right is Peter and Grace with their dog Drake.  The boat on the left edge of the picture is their OverTime – a MacGregor 26M that they run without the mast as a pure motor boat.  That’s what Peter says, anyway.  Personally, I think he just lost the mast somewhere between here and Canada.

We enjoyed dinner with them, at least until the flag lowering ceremony where Grace almost made us stand to salute the Canadian flag.  🙂  Dave and Peter had quite the discussion about Apple (they own an iPad, iPhone, iWhatever) versus Microsoft, and how much they think we need to catch up. We’re hoping they’ll see the light some day and come over from the dark side.

We also ran into a couple that stopped and asked us if we knew Ray from Blue Water Yachts and if Southern Star was one of the boats he sold.  We said yes, that he did our demo sail, so he was a big part of our buying Southern Star.  Tom and Carolyn had a gorgeous larger sailboat (a Panda 40 named Moon Shadow) and invited us on board to visit for a while where we chatted over a glass of fine wine.  They were just celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary!  Congrats!!!  They’ve been around the world ( by accident, they claim!)  What a sweet couple – we hope we run into them again sometime soon, but as far as they roam, it might be a while!

One of the neatest things about sailing is what a tight community it is and how easy it is to make new friends.

Later in the afternoon we finally said goodbye to Roche Harbor and made the hour and a half trip down the east coast of San Juan Island to Friday Harbor.  Not a “resort” like Roche, but a fine marina up against a really nice little town.  We were greeted by the resident harbor seal that we learned was named Popeye.

After pulling into our slip, we walked into town and had a great lunch at a little hole-in-the-wall barbeque place.  We spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying the other shops around their little downtown area, and then enjoyed a drink at a little place on top of a building on the hillside where we had a spectacular view of the harbor and the ferries coming and going.

We’re back at the boat for the evening, where we’ll make our dinner, read a bit, and then hit the sack in preparation for another day.

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