What a wonderful day at Roche Harbor

We started our day with a fine breakfast at the Lime Kiln Café.  We followed that up with a nice long walk along the piers simply taking in the beautiful scenery – both the boats of all shapes and sizes, and nature.  We browsed the “Company Store” (a general grocery) and the Gift Shop.  We wanted to go by the Marine store, but it was closed, despite all the signs saying “Open 7 Days”.  Lunch was delicious clam chowder.  While we intended to go out boating this afternoon, there was no wind, and we decided we were more interested in just relaxing instead.  So we sat around enjoying a gorgeous clear blue sky, read our books, and then went over the AfterGlow Spa for a relaxing massage.  We concluded the day with a delicious lobster dinner at their more formal restaurant.  We watched their sundown flag lowering ceremony, where they make a pretty big deal about lowering their Roche Harbor pennant, the Washington state flag, and the national flags of Canada, Great Britain, and of course, the United States.  They even fire off a cannon (which always makes Stella jump!) right before they play Taps.  The final curtain was one of the prettiest sunsets we’ve seen since Jamaica.

Here are just a few pictures of this beautiful place.  We highly recommend that any of you come up this way by ferry/car or boat and spend a day or longer in this idyllic spot.

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