Departure day is finally here!

Finally!  Went to the Company Meeting yesterday at Key Arena, and got pumped up for the next year.  Lots of great news, but I still couldn’t keep my mind totally off the fact that I started almost two weeks of vacation as soon as I got home!

Here’s a basic itinerary:

We’re putting in at Skyline Marina near Anacortes. From there, we’ll head over to Sucia Island Marine State Park. Next is Roche Harbor on San Juan Island, followed by Stuart Island Marine State Park.  We’ll be at Friday Harbor back on San Juan Island next, and then Rosario on Orcas Island.  Our final stop before returning to Anacortes is at Spencer Spit Marine State Park on Lopez Island.  Some of these places we’ll be at only overnight, others we’ll stay at two nights.  Hopefully we’ll see some fantastic scenery, lots of marine life – maybe an Orca or two?  Who knows?  Half the fun of the adventure is the anticipation!

Anyway, we’re leaving in an hour or two, after packing the perishables, and trailering to Anacortes, where they’ll put our boat in the water using their hoist system. Then it’s an hour or so of raising the mast and running all the rigging, and then we’re off!


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