The Admiral wanted running water, so we have running water…

Hey, friends!  I wanted to share some about the project I worked on all Labor day weekend. Running water.  The standard MacGregor 26M comes with a 5 gallon flexible water can under the sink that can be pumped to the sink by pulling back and forth on the little handle.  Not fun or convenient.  So we decided we would put in a pressurized running water system.  I bought a Plastimo 26 gallon tank and installed it under the rear berth.

26 Gallon Plastimo tank under the rear berthThe tank empties by a 1/2″ hose through a filter, then supplies a Shurflo Aqua-King 3.0 12v on-demand pump.  The pump then outputs pressurized water to the faucet.  As soon as the faucet is opened, the pump starts, and as soon as the faucet closes, the pump stops.  I mounted the pump under the port side seat.  It’s right next to rear berth with the tank, and only about 3 foot away from the galley.

Jabsco water pump waiting for the flow to beginWe fill the tank by a deck fitting that is on the starboard gunwale.  At any marina where they have a tap, we simply connect our hose to it and stick the other end into our fitting and fill ‘er up.

Finding a good spot to install the deck fitting was one of the harder jobs.  It has to be in an appropriate place on the outside of the boat – somewhere not likely to be stepped (and slipped) on, easy to reach with the hose from the dock, and not too far from the tank.  The location also had to be accessible from below – I had to be able to attach a 1-1/2″ hose to the underside of the fitting and run it down to the tank under the rear berth. That’s a pretty good sized hose, and it wasn’t easy getting it run in so that it was hidden.  There is one foot of it visible inside the cabin and we covered that with a piece of tan cloth that matches the boat’s inside color so you don’t notice it.

The completed faucet with running waterAfter removing the old faucet and then installing a new faucet in the sink, we were just about ready to go. Since it was a standard faucet from Lowes, we had to put a brass fitting on the threaded end of the faucet that enabled me to connect the hose from the pump to it. The challenge (as always) with plumbing, was ensuring that there were no leaks.  Several of the connections leaked on the first attempt, but after tightening, adding sealant, etc., we’re now leak free.

And more importantly, we’re able to go for much longer times between stops to fill up for water. That is, if we conserve.  Now that we have more water, it’s easy to think we can be more wasteful of it, and end up having to stop even more frequently.  NOT the result we’d be hoping for!

You may be wondering what’s connected to the left side of the faucet.  Right now, nothing.  Someday, however, it will supply hot water from a propane-fueled on-demand hot water heater.  But that is a project for another weekend!

Now if only we could find a way to go that long between stops for Stella to use a ladies’ room!  Just kidding…Southern Star does have a “head” (a marine toilet for you landlubbers) on board.

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