Next up: Adding Shore Power

Shore power connectorThe next upgrade we’ve taken on is to add shore power.  Until now, we’ve had to drag a marine power cable down into the cabin and use an adapter to provide standard 120v power to anything we wanted to use below – charging our cell phones, using a laptop computer, and so on.  With the upgrade, we added a socket to the outside of the hull to which we just plug in the cable – the other end connects to the power plug in our marina slip.

The socket provides power to the circuit breaker panel and master switch in the cabin. The panel provides two outlets in the cabin, and also has a pair on the backside (in the storage area into which it is installed) where the battery charger is permanently connected.  Finally, one additional cable from the inside of the panel connects to one remote outlet in the berth area where we can plug in a laptop or dvd player if we want to watch a movie before crashing at night.

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